Meet Our Staff

Dr. Lee Wheeler Joins Behavioral Health Services of MMC

Board Certified General Psychiatrist Lee Wheeler, MD is the newest member of the Behavioral Health Services (BHS) of Memorial Medical Center team. Dr. Wheeler will primarily focus on treating outpatients within BHS. She has a special… Read More ⇒

Q&A with LeeAnn Frey, RN, BSN, IBCLC, Lactation Consultant

What does a Lactation Consultant do? An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is a health care professional that specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding. An IBCLC is a member of the health care team… Read More ⇒

Q&A with Laura Kriskovich, RN ENT Clinic of Memorial Medical Center

What does an allergy nurse do? An allergy nurse focuses on the care of the patient with chronic allergy conditions. They will be collaborating with the ENT provider to focus on the symptoms they are having… Read More ⇒

Q&A with Jennifer Mrnak, RN, OCN, Northwest Wisconsin Cancer Center

What does an oncology nurse do? An Oncology nurse has many roles when taking care of patients; we assess, educate, treat side effects, infuse chemotherapy, offer support & listen, coordinate care, etc. We travel the journey… Read More ⇒

Q&A with Dr. Mihailo Lalich, Northwest Wisconsin Cancer Center

What does a medical oncologist do? A medical oncologist is involved with evaluating and staging new cases of cancer, coordinating and recommending treatment for cancer, overseeing chemotherapy administration, and managing long-term follow-up for cancer survivors. What… Read More ⇒

Q&A with Terri Kramolis, Northwest Wisconsin Cancer Center Manager

What does a cancer center manager do? A cancer center manager has an understanding of all the services that are being delivered in the cancer center and assists to have all of those services working in… Read More ⇒

Q&A with Dr. Herbert White

Last fall, Dr. Herbert White joined the MMC family as the newest psychiatrist in Behavioral Health Services. He primarily works with our Inpatient Behavioral Health Services patients. Here, he offers a little more information about himself… Read More ⇒

Q&A with JoAnn Cahill MA, CCC-SLP

What does a Speech Language Pathologist do? Speech Therapy provides both in-patient and out-patient services across the life span. Speech therapy addresses a multitude of issues, not just talking. The Speech Language Pathologist (speech therapist) will… Read More ⇒

Q&A with Krystle Karlinsky, Social Worker

What does a social worker do? Each day is very different in the MMC Social Services Department. Our role is to work with patients, families, physicians, nurses, and other departments such as physical and occupational therapies… Read More ⇒

Q&A with Melissa Malmberg, Urgent Care NP and Telestroke Program Coordinator

What is the Telestroke Program? The Telestroke Program was a project started in 2013 that will allow the Emergency Department physicians and nursing staff to connect with stroke neurologists using a video teleconference monitor for live… Read More ⇒