Cardiac Rehabilitation


The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is an exercise and education program designed to help heart attack, heart surgery and other heart disease patients change their physical lifestyle and safely increase their physical activity level. The program is medically supervised and individually monitored.

Phase I for hospitalized heart attack patients combines medical treatment with progressive exercise training and education during the heart-healing process. Individual home activity guidelines are established and participants are referred to the Phase II program.

Phase II is an outpatient program for persons who have had a heart attack or heart surgery and those individuals who have been diagnosed with heart disease. A supervised exercise program helps people strengthen their cardiovascular system while decreasing their cardiovascular risk level. Important components of heart healthy living are discussed. Both Phase I and Phase II are generally covered by standard insurance programs.

Phase III is an individually designed program for people who have or are at risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Exercise and education combined with consultation with professional staff help to improve cardiovascular fitness and assist in healthy lifestyle changes.