Family Birthplace


MMC offers a Labor, Delivery Recovery, Postpartum (LDRP) approach to obstetric care. LDRP is both a concept of offering the ultimate birth experience and the assurance of optimal medical care during birth.

The mother-to-be enters a room that has a homelike atmosphere and stays in the same room during her labor, delivery of the baby, recovery from the birth and postpartum care.

Family participation is encouraged. LDRP suites include a large picture window, private bath, rocking chair and hide-a-bed for those who want to stay with mother and child.

Though the room may look like a bedroom, it is a state-of-the-art delivery room with lights that descend from the ceiling. All necessary instrumentation is within reach of the attending staff.

Involvement and education for the entire family is an integral part of the LDRP philosophy.


Alice’s Birth Experience
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“Everyone from the nursing team to the staff who clean my room and deliver my meals is kind and caring. It is clear everyone cares about me and my experience.”
–Alice Evenson, proud mother of six
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