WP_Hook Object
    [callbacks] => Array
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                            [function] => Closure Object
                                    [this] => WPForms_Field_Date_Time Object
                                            [name] => Date / Time
                                            [type] => date-time
                                            [icon] => fa-calendar-o
                                            [order] => 80
                                            [group] => fancy
                                            [defaults] => Array
                                                    [date_placeholder] => 
                                                    [date_format] => m/d/Y
                                                    [date_type] => datepicker
                                                    [time_placeholder] => 
                                                    [time_format] => g:i A
                                                    [time_interval] => 30
                                                    [date_limit_days_sun] => 0
                                                    [date_limit_days_mon] => 1
                                                    [date_limit_days_tue] => 1
                                                    [date_limit_days_wed] => 1
                                                    [date_limit_days_thu] => 1
                                                    [date_limit_days_fri] => 1
                                                    [date_limit_days_sat] => 0
                                                    [time_limit_hours_start_hour] => 09
                                                    [time_limit_hours_start_min] => 00
                                                    [time_limit_hours_start_ampm] => am
                                                    [time_limit_hours_end_hour] => 06
                                                    [time_limit_hours_end_min] => 00
                                                    [time_limit_hours_end_ampm] => pm

                                            [form_id] => 
                                            [field_id] => 
                                            [form_data] => 
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                            [accepted_args] => 1



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    [nesting_level:WP_Hook:private] => 0
    [doing_action:WP_Hook:private] => 
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Memorial Medical Center.

Your son. Your sister. Your grandfather. These are the people you love, right here in the place we love. We're Memorial Medical Center and our purpose is to care for the people you love. To protect them, to keep them healthy - we're all in this together. Right here in the place we love.

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September 16, 2021

Cancer Center Receives Transportation Grant for Patients

The Northwest Wisconsin Cancer Center Receives American Cancer Society Grant to Help Patients Overcome Transportation Barriers Memorial Medical Center (MMC) announced that The American Cancer Society has awarded a $15,000 transportation grant to The Northwest Wisconsin Cancer Center of Memorial Medical Center in Collaboration with Essentia Health (NWCC) to address the transportation needs of cancer […]


September 8, 2021

Free Sports Physicals

Student athletes are required to complete a sports physical every-other year. This comprehensive examination is used to identify potential risks of injury, and to make sure the athlete is healthy enough to participate in school sports. Checking things like cardiac, neurological, and pulmonary health is good for overall well-being, but its especially crucial for the […]


August 27, 2021

MMC Receives Orthopaedic Center of Excellence Designation from DNV

Ashland, WI — Memorial Medical Center (MMC) announces receipt of the Orthopaedic Center of Excellence designation from DNV. The Orthopaedic Center of Excellence designation affirms an organization’s excellence in providing diagnostic services, surgical services, and therapies related to orthopedic care. MMC is the only Orthpaedic Center of Excellence in the northland region, and only the […]



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