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Partners of MMC

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Partners of Memorial Medical Center is a charitable organization that is made up of men and women who strive to make a difference in the community. Through the unique talents and abilities of the members, Partners of MMC assists in providing financial and volunteer support needed by Memorial Medical Center and the surrounding communities.

Partners of MMC was organized in 1970, two years before the doors of MMC opened. The initial funds to begin the building were raised by the Hospital Auxiliary. In 1998, the Partners of Wisconsin Hospital Association urged local hospital volunteer organizations to drop Auxiliary from their names and change to something more gender neutral. From the initial startup, Partners has dedicated over 350,000 hours and 1.6 million dollars to MMC and the community. Partners has financed medical equipment, helped with building project finances, and donated money to purchase artwork throughout the hospital. Scholarships are provided through the Howard V.  Sandin Healthcare Fellowship and the Future Caregiver fund on a continuing basis to ensure quality employees for MMC. These gifts from Partners were raised through diverse volunteer efforts. In 2016 the artwork in the Northwest Wisconsin Cancer Center was purchased with a donation from Partners of MMC.

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Board of Directors

The President, President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer make up the Executive Board. Other members serve on the board in various capacities. These individuals provide leadership to the Partners organization and attend the monthly meetings to help manage the various undertakings of the group. Besides the monthly meeting, board members attend the district Partners meeting and the state Partners conventions.

Volunteer Opportunities

Coffee and Gift Shop

The Coffee/Gift Shop in Memorial Medical Center is a friendly environment that serves patients, visitors and staff. It serves light breakfast, snack items, gits, and floral arrangements. Opportunities for volunteers include cashiers, purchasing, and store display. 


Lifeline is an alert system that is placed in homes of individuals who may need assistance. At the push of a button the subscriber of Lifeline can summon help. Volunteers process the paperwork as well as install Lifeline units in the homes. After the units are in place in the subscriber‘s homes, volunteers help to maintain the units by changing batteries and replacing personal help buttons. Training is provided.

Thrift Shop

The Partners of MMC Thrift Shop provides affordable second hand clothing and small household items for sale. Volunteers unpack, sort, price, display, and recycle merchandise throughout the year. 


Each year volunteers handcraft hundreds of caps for newborn babies. Every infant born at Memorial Medical Center receives one of these gifts. Patterns for caps can be obtained by contacting the volunteer office at (715) 685-5180.

Information Desk

The Information Desk establishes a link between physicians and patient’s families during outpatient surgeries. The Information Desk volunteers answer phone calls, check on the status of patients and to provide information to the waiting family members and visitors.

Special Events 

Not available on a regular schedule? There are many special events that are in need of volunteers. Examples include assisting with Senior Expo, Second Grade Kids Days at MMC, cookie sales and other fundraising opportunities.

How To Join

If you’re ready to make an impact in the community, consider becoming a member of Partners of MMC. Active members pay just $10 a year. If you don’t have the time to volunteer but still want to support the work we do, consider becoming a contributing member at $20 a year.

To join or receive more information and a registration form, please call 715-685-5180.

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