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Patient & Family Advisory Council

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The Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) of MMC is a new initiative at MMC. It is being formed as a way to discuss and review issues surrounding the quality of care to customers of MMC. The Council also serves as an advisory resource to senior administration.

PFAC will be comprised of community representatives and is currently soliciting members to create the inaugural council. Members will be selected through an application process. The application can be downloaded here.

Qualified candidates includes individuals who are able to:

  • Share insights and information about their experiences in ways that others can learn from
  • See beyond their own personal experiences
  • Show concern for more than one issue or agenda
  • Listen well
  • Respect the perspectives of others
  • Speak comfortably in a group with candor
  • Interact well with many different kinds of people
  • Work in partnership with others
  • Be innovative in problem solving
  • Dedicated to improving the patient and family experience at MMC
  • Dedicates their efforts to positive change

Responsibilities of the PFAC are:

  • To share information, ideas and concerns relating to MMC and its healthcare services
  • To assist in promoting positive relationships between MMC and members of the community
  • To channel information, needs and concerns to MMC administration and staff.
  • To be consultants in making recommendations concerns decisions and plans that affect MMC patients and families.
  • To be “the voice of the patient and their family.”

Membership terms will last approximately two years with an option to be re-appointed for a second term. The PFAC will meet monthly from September through May.

If appointed, advisory committee members will be expected to complete a training and orientation process. They must also complete all MMC employee requirements for employment, including successfully completing a background check and meeting health requirements.

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