Patient Stories

Seeking Allergy Relief

A new service in Ashland and Hayward is helping allergy patients find relief this spring. This spring, Jennifer Bednarik went outside to play football with her son. This in itself wouldn’t seem like a big deal,… Read More ⇒

Sherry Shares Her Heart Story

Just shy of her 47th birthday, Sherry Stolarzyk was busy working a closing at Wisconsin Title when she noticed an odd pain in her neck. At the time, she wrote it off as stress and sleeping… Read More ⇒

Living in Recovery

For much of her adult life, Cindy has struggled with anxiety and depression. She often suffered silently but this changed after her family feared for her safety in 2015. Soon after, Cindy sought help from the… Read More ⇒

Singing thru Allergy Season

When Jack Gunderson followed his passion for performing to the heart of Chequamegon Bay, he didn’t know the great outdoors might cause him problems. “It turns out I’m allergic to 7 types of mold, dogs, cats,… Read More ⇒

Karen’s Cancer Journey: Finding the Good in a Bad Situation

“It is a blessing that we have a place like the Northwest Wisconsin Cancer Center so close to us,” says Hayward, Wisconsin resident Karen Petrich. “When I received my breast cancer diagnosis, I started to cry.… Read More ⇒

My Sleep Regained

For over 40-years, Jan Penn has helped thousands of women and their families take care of themselves. The Nurse Practitioner from Highbridge devoted her life to caring for five generations of northern Wisconsin families, working up… Read More ⇒

Single Site Gallbladder Surgery a Success

Ashland native Leslie Bratley struggled with gallbladder issues for several years before an attack left her in pain so severe, she was debilitated for about 4-hours. “It was really, really painful. I toughed through it, but… Read More ⇒

My Memory and Balance Regained

On a warm sunny day last summer, Debb Joanis was cutting grass on her riding mower, when she did something we’ve all tried at least once. “I was cutting near a tree and I thought I… Read More ⇒

I’m a Survivor

If Bill Franzel had a theme song, it’d be I’m a survivor. The lifelong Bayfield County resident has endured several major healthcare scares including a heart attack that left 8 stents placed in his heart and… Read More ⇒

My Partner’s Life Regained

When Drummond resident Joe Brady saw the love of his life Dolores drop below 100-pounds, he was scared for her life. At first, he thought it was tied to her current battle against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s… Read More ⇒