Patient Stories

Saxon Veteran Receives Cancer Care Close to Home

There is never a good time to get a cancer diagnosis, but it was the timing of a diagnosis that was critical for a Saxon, Wisconsin man.  After a routine physical at the Veterans Administration clinic… Read More ⇒

Lifesaving Telestroke

Joe Johanik shares his story of recovery. The day after a storm swept through northwest Wisconsin, Joe Johanik spent the morning bailing hay and helping his neighbor get a tree off the roof of his garage.… Read More ⇒

Alice’s Birth Plan

Alice Evenson always wanted to be a mom. But, at just 22, she learned she had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. While treatable, she was told the medication might prevent her from having children. “It was scary. My biggest… Read More ⇒

Quick, Coordinated Response Attributed to Saving Stroke Victim

Last March, Barbara Colver decided to take an afternoon nap at her home in Washburn after having a headache much of the day. When she awoke, she and her husband Earl knew something wasn’t right. “She… Read More ⇒

Whistlestop Runner Counts his Blessings; Thanks Medical Staff for Care

Rob Klein loves to run. In September of 2006, he completed his first marathon at the age of 49, as a way to stay healthy. “There is a long history of heart disease in my family,”… Read More ⇒

Alison’s Birth Plan

A Natural Delivery. For Alison Spaude-Filipczak, giving birth to baby Margaret naturally was important. She and her husband Alan had their first child, Mabel at MMC. They knew about the whirlpool tub for pain management and… Read More ⇒

Teamwork and Timing Credited for Quick Recovery Time

In early January, Ken Carlson was enjoying one of his favorite past times – reading. “I love reading. I read about 5 books a week,” he says. But this time was different. “I got about two… Read More ⇒

International EMDR Expert Treats Patients Right Here in Ashland

In a packed conference center in Edinburgh Scotland, MMC Behavioral Health Counselor Sherri Paulson shares her passion for helping people. For nearly 20-years, Paulson has been refining a powerful psychotherapy approach to help children with autism.… Read More ⇒

My Passion Regained

When Linda Hobbs hurt her knee, she wasn’t about to play around. The 62-year old Washburn resident has always led an active life. “I’d rather be lost in the woods geocaching or deer hunting than found… Read More ⇒

A Family’s Smallest Treasure Saved

Saturday, May 3, 2014 was a nice day. Aaron Swanson and his four children—Marshall, Hope, Grace and little Aaron—were going for a bike ride to the elementary school playground. Their mother, Katherine Swanson, was nestling in… Read More ⇒