Patient Stories

Change Starts with You

Bayfield County resident Kate Bernardo has always loved Lake Superior. “I have admired the area around Lake Superior for years. It seems to be the magnet that kept drawing me in to visit the area.” But,… Read More ⇒

Sometimes Even a Co-Worker Needs Care

When Tim Son walked into Memorial Medical Center last March, it could have been like any other workday. This time, though, instead of heading to the Radiology department to clock in as a CT Tech, he… Read More ⇒

Standing Tall: 63-year old bounces back from double torn quads thanks to Physical Therapy program at MMC

A typical workday in January for Curtis Somppi turned ugly when he slipped on the ice while working a pipeline job in Cincinnati. The 63-year old life-long Ashland resident had spent decades working on his feet… Read More ⇒

MMC Delivers: The Kolwitz Family Shares Their Birthing Story

New parents Grant and Alisa Mary Kolwitz couldn’t be more in love with their baby boy Warren. The little bundle of joy arrived on November 15 weighing in at 6 pounds 11 ounces and as any… Read More ⇒

Another Life Saved

78-year-old Joan Frasier of Ashland enjoys the simple things in life; taking afternoon walks, quilting, cooking and spending time with her family and grand dog Luci as she calls her.  Today, she continues to enjoy the… Read More ⇒

Thank You

From a recent MMC Patient- It is with the deepest respect and gratitude that we write to tell you of Herb’s ER visit after a 4-wheeler accident on the evening of 9-11-13. He received exceptional care… Read More ⇒

Cardiac Rehab Patient Provides Inspiration to other Patients and Staff at MMC

Ashland resident Ken Fontecchio has enjoyed an interesting life. He has served as a Captain in the military and spent a year in Vietnam. He was in great shape running half-marathons and could easily swim a… Read More ⇒

Lifeline – How a Simple Button Can Save Your Life

Bill and Virginia Heglund have enjoyed an incredible life together. The Ashland couple that first met at a school dance more than 60-years ago was immediately smitten with each other.  The couple went on to marry,… Read More ⇒

New Gastric Bypass Support Group Helps Patients in Chequamegon Bay​​

When Ashland resident Dale Torres decided to get Gastric Bypass Surgery back in 2011, she knew it wouldn’t be easy. What she didn’t realize was how quickly life would change post surgery. Since having her surgery… Read More ⇒

Free Program Provides Resources for Those Suffering or Affected by Addiction

How much is too much? Does my friend or family member drink too much? How do I know when someone has a problem? What should I do? How can I help? What if I’m the one… Read More ⇒