Patient Stories

Partners: Everyone Benefits from Volunteering

Benefits of volunteer work include successful completion of a project by like-minded individuals. That’s how Memorial Medical Center was built – a group that became the hospital’s auxiliary, which is now known as Partners of MMC,… Read More ⇒

MMC: A Rural Success Story

The success of a rural hospital requires that the people in charge know what services are appropriate for the community. That is what allows the hospital to be a viable organization. “Memorial Medical Center has been… Read More ⇒

Rita Barringer: On the Mend After Bypass Surgery

Rita Barriner had surgery in mid-February. How is Rita doing? Rita is doing well. But if you think bypass surgery is easy, think again. “I really didn’t know what to expect. I was scared I wouldn’t… Read More ⇒

Sandy Ogle: Cardiac Rehab Got Me Back On My Feet

“When I was told medication and exercise is the proper treatment for my heart disease, I entered Phase II of Cardiac Rehab at MMC. It isn’t just about exercising in Rehab. I talked with a social… Read More ⇒

Early Detection is Your Best Prevention

“There’s a lot of confusing news out there right now about when and how often you should get a mammogram. The American Cancer Society recommends one annually after the age of 40.  But, talk to your… Read More ⇒

It changed my life.

“I took the metabolic test and was impressed with how the results helped me get on track to lose weight. It showed me how many calories I needed to eat to lose weight and also how… Read More ⇒

Quality & Convenience

“You can be confident we know what we are doing. A colonoscopy is the most effective way to detect colon cancer, a cancer that is very treatable when found early. With set up, procedure and recovery… Read More ⇒

Quality. Health. Care.

Doug and Amber Erickson of Marengo are the proud new parents of Caleb. Born at MMC in March, Caleb was one of the first newborns in the newly renovated OB rooms. Patient and family comfort takes… Read More ⇒

Road To Recovery

“I had a long haul with injuries. When I entered physical therapy at MMC, I couldn’t bend or even touch my right wrist. The MMC physical therapy department was my lifeline. They kept my spirits up.… Read More ⇒

Breath Easy: MMC’s Certified Asthma Educator Assists Patients with Asthma

Jan Bernier has lived in northern Wisconsin much of her life. Drawn to the big lake, Bernier couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. But, life took a sudden turn in the 90s, making her appreciate life in… Read More ⇒