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Memorial Medical Center Plans Outreach Clinic in Superior

Memorial Medical Center (MMC) is excited to announce the opening of a new specialty outreach clinic under the name Tamarack Health Superior Clinic. The clinic is located at 3631 Tower Ave, Superior, Wisconsin and will start as an orthopedic outreach clinic. In the coming months,  additional outreach consult services will be added, including general surgery, pain management and urology. Initially, services will be billed under Memorial Medical Center.

The Superior Clinic is now scheduling appointments with Dr. Joseph Signorelli and Dr. Justin Cummins, with the first orthopedic appointment set for October 4th. Patients who have a surgery scheduled in Ashland can now schedule their pre-op and post-op care in Superior, without the need to travel to Ashland. Patients can schedule an appointment by calling Specialty Services of MMC at 715-685-6010.

“Opening a clinic in Superior will allow MMC providers to work even more closely with the Superior community”, said Jason Douglas, CEO of Memorial Medical Center. “We already know a percentage of MMC patients travel to Ashland from the Twin Ports, so launching a clinic in Superior will bring our expert specialty care much closer, making it more convenient for them.”

Orthopedic Surgeon, Joseph Signorelli added, “We have been looking at opportunities to make care more convenient for our patients living in the Twin Ports and we are excited  that we are finally ready to open a clinic in Superior. The new clinic will allow patients of the area to partner with us for their surgical care at MMC in Ashland, while their clinic visits can occur closer to home. This will save patients multiple trips to Ashland for the work-up visits prior to surgery and the check-up visits after surgery. With the opening of the Superior Clinic, we can’t wait to provide truly patient-centered care!”

Over the last few years, MMC along with its partner hospital, Hayward Area Memorial Hospital (HAMH), have been working on branding efforts to better align the two medical centers under one health system name. Memorial Medical Center in Ashland and Hayward Area Memorial Hospital will soon be Ashland Medical Center and Hayward Medical Center and together, are becoming Tamarack Health. As part of these efforts,  the organizations saw the opportunity to bring their expert care to the Twin Ports and eliminate travel to Ashland for certain appointments.

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