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MMC welcomes Dr. Matthew Bettendorf to its growing general surgery team

Memorial Medical Center (MMC) in Ashland is pleased to welcome Dr. Matthew Bettendorf to its growing general surgery team.

Dr. Bettendorf is a board-certified general surgeon with nearly 20 years of experience. He’s coming to MMC from the Duluth area with specialization in minimally-invasive surgical procedures, specifically dealing with upper gastrointestinal issues.

He’s joining the growing general surgery team at MMC which includes colorectal and general surgeon, Dr. Dan Metcalf and general surgery physician assistant, Tony Valentine. As a team, they provide extensive colorectal and general surgery services. 

“I’m so glad to be joining the team at MMC,” said Bettendorf. “I’m already so impressed with the facility. Plus, I’ve known Dr. Metcalf since residency where we trained together, so I’m really looking forward to working with him again.”

General Surgery Services at MMC also features advanced robotics technology – including some procedures only offered in certain areas of the United States.

“We are fortunate here at MMC to have an incredible facility and the advanced technology that allows us to perform a variety of minimally-invasive procedures, both robotically and laparoscopically,” said Dr. Dan Metcalf. “Dr. Bettendorf is going to complement our growing team nicely, and he brings a unique set of general surgery skills that will elevate our services here at MMC.”

Dr. Bettendorf enjoys spending time with his wife and 12 children, all of whom are avid cross-country skiers and faith-focused. As part of his mission to serve others, he has volunteered for international medical missions in Ghana, Guatemala, and Honduras.

He will start seeing patients on January 3 and is currently accepting new appointments. Call (715) 685-6040 to make an appointment with Dr. Bettendorf.

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