One Less Day Campaign Launched in Chequamegon Bay

One Less Day CampaignA new multi-media campaign assisting folks through the recovery process is now running in Ashland and Bayfield counties. One Less Day is the product of Ashland County Health and Human Services, Bayfield County Department of Public Health and Memorial Medical Center’s Community Health Improvement Plan that focuses on Alcohol abuse.

“Throughout this entire process, we’ve heard there is a need for people struggling with addiction to know what services are available to help them,” explains Terri Kramolis, Director at Bayfield County Department of Public Health. “This website provides an electronic resource guide of the agencies and wrap around services in the Chequamegon Bay Area that are available to those struggling with addiction. It also provides resources for family members and community members who think someone they love needs help.”

In addition to the website, a multi-media campaign informing people about this resource is out in the community. Messages such as: sometimes it’s what you don’t do that matters; does drinking interfere with your life; and in recovery – your local community supports you can be seen in billboards, ads and at local bars and restaurants on coasters and posters.

In many cases, the ads provide or drive people to a quick 4-question quiz that is often referred to as the CAGE assessment. This assessment is a conversation starter to have with someone who might not be aware they have a problem. On the website, there is also a place for members of the community to pledge their support by submitting a photo and pledge.

“We know this campaign won’t immediately change people’s behavior,” says Cyndi Zach, Director of Public Health at Ashland County Health and Human Services. “Our goal instead was to create a conversation starter to assist these tough conversations and show that there is a community out there that supports those battling recovery. We also hope that those who need services can benefit from the electronic resource guide we’ve created on the website.”

The campaign is being funded by Memorial Medical Center. MMC felt it was important to provide financial support in this effort to create a product that could make a difference in the recovery community.

“We unfortunately see people everyday that have spent their life trying to overcome alcohol addiction,” says Hazel McClare, head of Recovery Services of MMC. “If by starting this conversation and providing resources for people when they want to seek help, we can make a difference. If we reach just one person, than this campaign will be successful.”