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Partners of MMC celebrates 50 years of giving back to our community

Partners of Memorial Medical Center Volunteer Group is celebrating 50 years of service to Memorial Medical Center and to our community!

Two years before the construction of a new hospital now called Memorial Medical Center in 1970, the board of directors and a handful of physicians felt there was a need for a hospital volunteer group. The committee that formed was called the Hospital Auxiliary of Memorial Medical Center. In 1998, local hospital volunteer organizations were encouraged, but not required, to change their names to be more gender-neutral. This was a time that men were just beginning to volunteer in their local hospitals, so the name was changed to Partners of Memorial Medical Center and it has been called that ever since.

Partners of MMC is responsible for the Gift Shop at the hospital, the Information Desk in the surgery waiting room, and the Lifeline medical alert program. They are also an integral part of the Second Grade Visits held annually on the MMC campus. The MMC Thrift store in downtown Ashland is operated by Partners of MMC. Proceeds from these endeavors go to the Partners fund which is given back to the hospital for specific departmental requests and applied to scholarships given annually to MMC employees and members of our community. The Howard V. Sandin Healthcare Fellowship and the Future Caregivers Scholarship applications can be found on the Memorial Medical Center website here.

The MMC art collection was originated by Partners of MMC and totals more than 900 pieces, many of which were created by local artists. The group continues to enhance the collection and most recently contributed all of the artwork that is on display in the Northwest Wisconsin Cancer Center.

The Partners group is an important asset to our community. The group is always welcoming new volunteers. If you are interested in joining Partners of MMC and carrying on the 50-year tradition of volunteering, please contact the Partners office at (715) 685-5180.

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