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Mark W. Sneed, MD


Sneed, Mark

Board Certified:


Medical degree from the University of Minnesota

Ophthalmology Services of MMC

Phone: 715-682-0363


Originally from Washburn, WI, Dr. Sneed is a second-generation ophthalmologist, following his father.  In 1962 Dr. Robert Sneed founded Ashland Eye Clinic, later Northern Waters Ophthalmology, which is now known as Ophthalmology Services of MMC.  While in medical school, Dr. Mark Sneed found that ophthalmology fulfilled his interest in internal medicine. He says the team of providers at Ophthalmology Services of MMC is very well-trained in both medical and surgical eye diseases and they enjoy providing personalized, patient-focused care.


“When I looked inside an eye for the first time, I was amazed at what you could see.  An eye exam can often lend hints to other medical conditions such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Nearly every medical condition has corresponding findings in the eye.”

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