Q & A with Brittny Erickson, BSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM, Journey Through Parenthood Coordinator, Family Birthplace

What does the Journey Through Parenthood Coordinator do?

I have the privilege of introducing expectant mothers to the Family Birthplace of MMC! As the Journey Through Parenthood coordinator, I help expectant moms become more comfortable with the Family Birthplace, answer questions and help streamline the admissions process. I am a great contact person to ask any questions you might have about the care we provide moms and babies here at the Family Birthplace of MMC.

What is the Journey Through Parenthood program?

Mothers-to-be can opt into this voluntary, free program at their first prenatal visit or at any point thereafter. With Journey Through Parenthood, the expectant mother can meet with me to get more comfortable with the Family Birthplace during the second half of her pregnancy. Our goal is to help you feel informed about our hospital and to give you a head start in the paperwork associated with having a new baby. We will discuss the services we offer, go over a Birth Plan if desired, get a tour, meet some of the nurses and address any questions. If you wish, we enroll women in childbirth and/or breastfeeding classes and even prenatal yoga and infant massage classes that are all offered for free through MMC. Interested in a Baby Box? We are also offering free Baby Boxes to those interested (after watching approximately 15 minutes of educational videos).

When a patient comes to see you for the “Journey Through Parenthood” program, what information should they bring?

A patient coming to see me should bring a general knowledge of their health and pregnancy/birth history and any questions that they might have about delivering here at the Family Birthplace of MMC.

What are three questions patients should consider asking during their visit?

  1. What is a Baby Box?
  2. Why should I deliver at the Family Birthplace of MMC?
  3. What are my options for my labor, delivery and postpartum care, as well as newborn care here at the Family Birthplace of MMC?

What is the largest misconception you think patients have about the Journey Through Parenthood program?

Many expectant families don’t feel like this program applies to them or that it will take too much time. The beauty of the program is that it gives you peace of mind and saves you time when it matters most. All expectant mothers can expect to fill out paperwork associated with having a new baby—so why not get started before you deliver? Pre-registering also saves you valuable time when arriving at the hospital in labor.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give patients to improve their health during pregnancy?

Laugh! And go to your prenatal appointments regularly.

How can we get a Baby Box, or learn more about the Journey Through Parenthood Program?

Our Family Birthplace Website, and my contact info:

Brittny Erickson, BSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM; Journey Through Parenthood Coordinator  Family Birthplace of MMC; 1615 Maple Lane; Ashland, WI 54806

Ph 715.685.5332 Fax 715.685.5117 Email journeythroughparenthood@ashlandmmc.com