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Big News!

Back in February 2020, the Boards of Directors of both HAMH and MMC started paving the way for a stronger, single identity between the two organizations. While REI has existed as our parent corporation since the 80s, it’s time to share that alignment with the rest of the community and make it even better. We’ll do this with a joint rebrand. Extensive research has been ongoing for the last few years to start rebrand work.



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Why do we need a rebrand?
  • Name is a significant portion of our brand, and our current names are long and unimaginative. 
  • Opportunity to improve image, reflecting who we are and becoming 
  • Improves Service Line Naming  
  • Improve identity separation in the marketplace 
  • Align names between Ashland and Hayward 
What's changing?

We’re developing a complete joint brand refresh and new, overarching health system name. You’ll see a new logo and facility name changes.

What's not changing?

Ownership, management, board of directors will all remain the same. We are not being sold–this is a re-organization of naming, making more sense of our current partnership between Ashland and Hayward, and also priming us for future growth.


Marketing teams, agencies, and senior leaders are still working on approving a name reflective of our continued growth, positive culture, and resilience of our community. Check back here for the latest information.

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