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MMC Rehabilitation Services and Cardiac Rehab

Set to Move

Memorial Medical Center (MMC) is excited to relocate its Rehabilitation Services to the main floor of the hospital campus in mid-January, 2022.

Those services including Physical Therapy, Occupational & Speech Therapies, Wound Care and Cardiac Rehab were previously located on the ground floor of the building in workspaces that were constructed in the early 1990s.

Danette Tutor, Assistant Nurse Manager for Cardiac Rehab Services of MMC is excited about the new facility, saying, “We are grateful for the visionaries that established a cardiac rehab in our area and the continued commitment over the years to provide safe, quality care. The new space will allow for continued growth in a location that allows easier access with increased safety features and amenities.”

Bernadette Mattila, Rehab Services Director is also really excited for this new space. “We are very excited to be able to offer our patients easier access to our clinic, a larger and more comfortable waiting room, additional space and privacy for patient treatment as well as the ability to enhance our wound and pediatric patient care areas.”

Since the Surgical Services department moved to its new addition in March 2020, the area that it vacated was completely remodeled as part of the long-term organizational plan for updating and growing the scope and capacity for care at MMC. The investment for the Rehab Services update was approximately six million dollars – much more economical than building a whole new wing. The vision for continuing expansion at MMC is based on re-using structures and repurposing what is available to keep construction costs down and be as resourceful as possible.

The new Rehab Services Department was designed by BWBR Architects and is approximately 15,000 square feet featuring two contemporary treatment gyms – one for Physical Therapy and one is for Cardiac Rehab. Both spaces showcase large windows allowing for incredible amounts of natural light. There is also a separate pediatric rehab gym for kids. Physical Therapy has 11 patient rooms plus three rooms for Wound Care and one for Occupational Therapy. Speech Therapy uses a designated room for pediatrics and another for adult therapy. A comfortable Education/Conference Room and an Activities of Daily Living (ADL) kitchen and bathroom round out the details of the layout.

Jason Douglas, CEO at MMC says, “This much needed remodel will ultimately give our community members the best experience possible when they come to us for any Rehabilitation Service. It will enhance the efficiency and treatment capabilities of our staff. We are proud to showcase these important MMC services with this new modern and welcoming space.”

If you are coming to MMC for Rehab Services or Cardiac Rehab please note after Monday, January 17, you will park at the front of the hospital and use the new Rehab Services entrance.

If you have any questions or if you would like to make an appointment for Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapies or for Wound Care or Cardiac Rehab Services, please call (715) 685-5480.

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