Children’s Day Treatment


We are proud to announce a new Children’s Day Treatment program that started in September, 2017. The comprehensive community-based day treatment program is for children in grades 1- 5.

The program is designed to provide intensive interventions incorporating trauma care as well as skill development for self-regulation. By the end of the Children’s Behavioral Health Services program, students should have the skills and confidence to successfully participate in school, regulate their emotions and voice their needs. The program consists of up to four hours of mental health and 2 hours of educational services provided by Ashland Public Schools each day of treatment.

The program will accept children from throughout northwest Wisconsin but is limited to approximately 6 children per day. This is currently the only intensive Behavioral Health day treatment program for children in the region. To learn more specifics about the program, please download this information. Or, if you are interested in learning more about the process or having a family member participate in the program, please call Behavioral Health of MMC at 715-685-5400.