The Family Birthplace Experience

Individualized Birthplace Experience
The Family Birthplace encourages moms-to-be to create a birth path that’s right for them. When a woman attends our Childbirth Classes she empowers herself with knowledge about available options during her birth experience, whether it be a natural-low intervention childbirth or medicated supported childbirth.

We believe that pregnancy and childbirth are wonderful, natural events that are enhanced by knowing what to expect and by creating a calming atmosphere for mother and baby, both before and during childbirth. Our approach to helping moms-to-be always considers the mind, body and spirit. The philosophies of our Family Birthplace emphasize personalized care for each mother’s unique labor and delivery. These are not new theories or ideas, but ones that have been practiced successfully and humanely for hundreds of years by physicians, nurses, and other birth attendants all over the world. We emphasize that helping a mother and her family bring their child into the world is a blessing and a privilege. We espouse holistic nursing practice and the positive effects holistic nursing in our labor, delivery, and recovery time can bring to the mother, baby, partner, family and nurses as well.

Our main goal is to ensure that the journey of pregnancy and childbirth is as rewarding as possible for mother, baby and family. Thus, providing quality and reassurance that if something goes differently than expected you are in the safety of a hospital setting.

Establish Your Birth Plan
The Birth path covers issues such as self-care, what to expect during labor, how to cope during labor and comfort measures to contribute to relaxation, and the role of the medicated birth(i.e. epidural). We want moms-to-be to create a birth path, a personalized summary of her ideal birth experience that will help to guide her physician and nurses throughout the childbirth process upon her admission. Although every labor and delivery is different and unforeseen events can happen, many basic options can be decided in advance. The goals of having your individual Birth Plan is together we can form a strong partnership and relationship with you and your family. As Physician and nurses we want support you in your birth desires so you may enter into this important life-changing event with confidence.

Download the Family Birthplace of MMC birth planning document here.

Birth Preferences
At The Family Birthplace of MMC, we are committed to providing Family-Centered Maternity Care in a holistic environment that offers you and your birth partner a safe and satisfying birth experience. Each birth is a unique experience, and we welcome your input into making this the most positive and pleasurable event possible. Be sure to discuss your preferences and birth plan with your healthcare provider before you go into labor so your options can be explored. We will make every effort to respect your goals, wishes, and desires for your labor and delivery, but please keep in mind that labor can be unpredictable. Our primary goal is a healthy outcome for you and your baby. We highly recommend attending Childbirth Education classes so that you become familiar with the labor process and all of its variations. Please call at 715-685-5175 for class information.

What to expect when you arrive at the Family Birthplace of Memorial Medical Center

  • You will be welcomed by staff specifically trained in holistic philosophy and techniques.
  • We will care for you based on any special instructions we have received from your healthcare provider.
  • We will review your medical history and obtain any necessary consents.
  • A fetal monitor will be applied to obtain baseline information; monitoring will be continuous or intermittent, depending on the baseline information and/or the orders of your healthcare provider.
  • Vital signs will be taken upon admission and when needed.
  • If blood work is needed, it may be drawn at this time.
  • If you plan on saving your baby’s cord blood, please bring your collection kit with you and give it to your nurse.
  • You will be asked if you are using a doula, which is a specially trained birth assistant.

During labor, your environment influences your coping skills. You are encouraged to design your labor environment to accommodate your preferences for your optimal comfort. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Having your birthing partner and others present at all times.
  • Maintaining a calm and quiet environment.
  • Dimming the lights.
  • Watching television or playing music
  • Bringing in your own tape/CD player/iPod/Laptop so you may select your own music.
  • Using our playaway audiobooks available entitled: “Guided Meditation for Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery”
  • There will also be Hydrotherapy and Aromatherapy available

You are strongly encouraged to get out of bed and walk during labor, unless your provider advises otherwise. This can speed the labor process and increase relaxation during contractions. Please keep in mind:

  • You should remain out of bed as much as possible and may choose to walk, stand, sit in the rocking chair, or shower.
  • Birthing balls are available.
  • Ambulatory and waterproof fetal monitors, if electronic fetal monitoring indicated
  • If you choose to have an epidural, you may change your position in bed for comfort, and assume some positions that will facilitate the birth of your baby.

Maintaining adequate hydration is essential for you and your baby’s well-being. Depending on the orders of your healthcare provider, your options may include:

  • Ice chips and/or drinking clear fluids (water, Gatorade, juice, etc.).
  • The placement of a saline lock (a port placed in the arm) so you may be disconnected from the IV to walk.
  • Receiving fluids intravenously (you will need this if you are receiving an epidural, antibiotics, Pitocin or pain medication).

Steps you can take to alleviate the discomfort caused by strong contractions in childbirth include:

  • Relaxation/breathing techniques/massage.
  • Motion/mobility/positioning/sitting on a birthing ball.
  • A warm shower and hydrotherapy in the Jacuzzi.
  • Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils provided by trained staff.
  • Have a birth doula attend your labor and birth.
  • IV medication or other alternatives as ordered by your healthcare provider and given by the nurse.
  • Epidural anesthesia, ordered by your healthcare provider and administered by our 24-hour on-call anesthesia team.

When you are ready to push, your nurse will provide options and instructions based on your specific needs. You may use a variety of positions, including:

  • A birthing stool, side-lying, squatting, hand-knees, birthing bar.

For a vaginal delivery:

  • A mirror is available to view the birth of your baby.
  • Your baby will be placed skin-to-skin immediately after birth for optimum bonding.
  • Delayed cord-clamping at birth of baby
  • In most instances, your birth partner may cut the umbilical cord.
  • Footprints and identification bracelets are applied while your baby is on your chest.

Delivery by Cesarean Birth:
We make every effort to ensure that this is a special delivery for you and your partner:

  • Spinal or epidural is the anesthesia of choice so you may be awake for the delivery.
  • Your partner is welcome in the operating and recovery room on the Family Birthplace unit pending situation..
  • Should you desire, a mirror is available to view the birth.
  • Your partner may trim the umbilical cord while your baby is on the warming table.
  • Depending on your condition and/or the condition of your baby, your baby will stay with you and your partner while in the operating room.

Recovery will take place in your Family Birthplace room while nursing team supports you and your partner with skin to skin, breastfeeding and bonding as a new family.

Immediately after delivery, your recovery period will include time to bond as a new family. During this period:

  • Your baby will stay with you.
  • Breastfeeding will be initiated at this time if you are choosing to breastfeed.
  • Your baby will be placed on your chest for “skin to skin” time, as that will help to keep your baby warm and help your baby transition to the outside environment.
  • You and your baby will be assessed appropriately.
  • Visitors may come in for a short visit during your recovery period.
  • Pictures are welcomed and encouraged.
  • Your baby will be weighed, measured and assessed by a mother/baby nurse and then you can choose to bathe baby and have the nurse assist.

During Your hospital stay:

  • Your baby will remain with you in your room during your entire hospital stay unless you request a nurse to care for your baby between feedings and/or a nap.
  • You will participate in your plan of care by being involved in bedside report, setting goals on the whiteboard with your nurses, nurse –physician rounding and we will check in on you hourly to assure we make your stay comfortable.
  • We have an on-demand newborn channel and 1:1 nursing education about caring for yourself and your new baby.
  • All nurses are trained to assist with breastfeeding.
  • Lactation consultant will come and check in to see you and baby.

We screen for postpartum depression and assist you with appropriate follow up when indicated

Newborn Screening:
We check your newborn’s hearing and after 24 hours complete the Newborn Screening (NBS) and Critical Congenital Heart Screening (CCHD). If any screening is abnormal, we are able to refer you to the appropriate care providers.

  • You will be discharged from the hospital in 24-48 hours if you have a vaginal delivery, or 3 overnights if you have a cesarean section.