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ENT Services of MMC

Ear conditions and infections

Hearing loss

Nasal and sinus problems and sinus surgery

Balance disorders, including dizziness, vertigo, and Meniere's Disease

Voice and swallowing disorders

Tonsil and adenoid problems

Snoring and surgical treatment for sleep apnea (somnoplasty)

Skin lesions of the head and neck

Concerning lesions, spots in the mouth

If you suffer from chronic sinus pain or ear infections, you don’t have to just live with it. Memorial Medical Center’s board-certified otolaryngologists — also known as Ear, Nose and Throat doctors, or ENTs — are leaders in the medical and surgical treatment of a variety of conditions.

Our doctors offer long-term ENT solutions to help both adults and children.

Our approach to care begins with a proper diagnosis of your condition using advanced tools. Then we work with you to explore a variety of treatment options to meet your needs.

No referral necessary. To see if your insurance company requires one, call the number on your card.

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Dr. Terrence Tuominen

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