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ENT Services of MMC

Ear conditions and infections

Hearing loss

Nasal and sinus problems and sinus surgery

Balance disorders, including dizziness, vertigo, and Meniere's Disease

Voice and swallowing disorders

Tonsil and adenoid problems

Snoring and surgical treatment for sleep apnea (somnoplasty)

Skin lesions of the head and neck

Concerning lesions, spots in the mouth

We are currently taking ear, nose & throat appointments for people of all ages. We can help with allergies, sinus problems and ear pain. Here are some ENT symptoms that should never be ignored:


• Sudden Hearing Loss

• Severe Dizziness

• Chronic Drainage from the Ear

• Sever Ear Pain



• Blockage, Congestion, Obstruction

• Frequent Nosebleeds

• Swelling, Redness, Inflammation

• Chronic Runny Nose



• Recurring Sore Throat

• Sore Throat with Neck Redness

• Mass in the Neck

• Severe Snoring

• Stopping Breathing During Sleep

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, call ENT Services of MMC to make an appointment today by calling (715) 685-6010.

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Dr. Terrence Tuominen

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