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Q&A with ER Nurse Manager Annette Soborowicz, RN

What does an ER Nurse Manager do? The primary role is to help with the day-to-day running of the department, making sure that it’s staffed appropriately and that we have tools and resources needed to provide… Read More ⇒

MMC Welcomes Betty Madison, PT to Rehab Services Team

Betty Madison, PT is the newest member of the region’s largest and most experienced PT/OT team in northwest Wisconsin. Madison joins Rehab Services of Memorial Medical Center with 24 years of experience. Most recently she served… Read More ⇒

Q&A with Dr. Daniel Gardner, Ph.D. M.S.C.P, Clinical Psychologist

What does a licensed clinical psychologist do? Clinical psychologists help people with a wide variety of problems that cause suffering in individuals, relationships and a wide variety of life challenges.  They work with people to understand,… Read More ⇒

The Weight Cancer Link

Written by Theresa Hoyles, RD The way you eat plays a central role in decreasing your risk for certain cancers.  However, there is no one magic food that decreases your risk; it’s the total diet that… Read More ⇒

Physical Therapy Staff at MMC

The Physical Therapy Staff at Memorial Medical Center Director of Rehab Services Carl Bauer, PT WCC Carl Bauer, PT WCC has practiced Physical Therapy for 36 years and currently serves as the Director of Rehab Services… Read More ⇒

Q&A with Rob Jones, Certified Asthma Educator

What does a Certified Asthma Educator do? A Certified Asthma Educator works with other health care professionals and patients about how to diagnose and manage asthma. The majority of my patients come to me through a… Read More ⇒

Dan Adams Retires as COO; Karen Hansen Named Interim COO at Memorial Medical Center

Ashland, Wis—Memorial Medical Center (MMC) is pleased to announce Karen Hansen has been appointed Interim COO, replacing Dan Adams, who is retiring after 22 years of service at MMC. “Under Dan’s direction, we have made great… Read More ⇒

CEO and CFO at MMC Set to Retire in 2013; Transition Plans Underway

Ashland, Wis—Dan Hymans, President & CEO and Les Whiteaker, Vice President & CFO of Memorial Medical Center (MMC) and its parent company Regional Enterprises Incorporated (REI) have formally announced their plans to retire. Hymans will officially… Read More ⇒

Q&A with Jill Garrington, OTR & Lynn O’Connell, COTA

Rehab Services of Memorial Medical Center What does an Occupational Therapist do? Occupational therapy is a science-driven profession that helps people live life fully by helping prevent or live better with an injury or illness. At… Read More ⇒

Q&A with Jeanne Grill, RN and Nurse Manager, Patient Care Unit

What does a Nurse Manager do? I am basically responsible for the nursing care on the Patient Care Unit. I oversee the Nursing and Health Unit Coordinator staff, the patient care and workflow and communicate with… Read More ⇒