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The Northwest Wisconsin Cancer Center Receives American Cancer Society Grant to Help Patients Overcome Transportation Barriers

Memorial Medical Center (MMC) announced that The American Cancer Society has awarded a $15,000 transportation grant to The Northwest Wisconsin Cancer Center of Memorial Medical Center in Collaboration with Essentia Health (NWCC) to address the transportation needs of cancer patients in our region.

These grants are available to health systems, treatment centers, and community organizations in select communities through an application process, and they focus on addressing unmet transportation needs of cancer patients, particularly vulnerable populations experiencing an unequal burden of cancer.

“Disparities predominantly arise from inequities in work, wealth, income, education, housing and overall standard of living, as well as social barriers to high-quality cancer prevention, early detection and treatment services,” said Angie Rolle, Vice President, Regional Cancer Control. “Transportation programs are vital to help patients get the treatments they need and deserve.”

Bonnie Ryszka, NWCC Director said, “We are thrilled to get this transportation grant from the Cancer Society. Reliable transportation for treatments is a real issue in our area. So many of our patients travel considerable distances to receive care from us and they are doing this sometimes 2 or 3 times a week. This can add up at the gas pump, so now we can offer to help out with gas cards or shuttle taxi reimbursement. The grant money will provide lots of people with some peace of mind during a difficult time in their lives.”

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