What is Physical Therapy?

Written by Jill Gibbon, DPT, CWS

Jill Gibbon, DPT, CWS

Jill Gibbon, DPT, CWS

October is National Physical Therapy month and many of you may be thinking that you know exactly what sort of conditions and problems physical therapists treat. If you are thinking that physical therapists help people with ankle, knee, hip, back, neck and shoulder pain you are correct. It is also commonly known that physical therapists help people recover after having surgery, experiencing a stroke or being in an accident. But, we actually treat much more. Here are a few of the less commonly known conditions that we tackle at Memorial Medical Center Physical Therapy.

 Vertigo and Dizziness: There are many different causes of vertigo and dizziness and our vestibular trained physical therapists can perform testing to help determine what the cause may be as well as provide treatment to eliminate or reduce vertigo and dizziness.

Lymphedema/Swelling: Our Lymphedema certified physical therapists use special massage techniques along with exercise and wrapping to decrease and manage upper extremity, lower extremity or trunk swelling.

Jaw Pain and Headaches: There are many muscles around the jaw that can contribute to jaw pain and headaches. Our Physical therapists with advanced jaw training are a great resource for improving function and decreasing pain around this problematic area.

Wounds: We have wound care certified physical therapists that help heal chronic or slow healing wounds. Healing is sped up through the clean-up of dead tissue and/or use of our wound care ultrasound machine. Our therapists are also knowledgeable in selecting advanced dressing types that create optimal wound healing environments for faster and less painful wound healing.

Improper work positions: A person’s joints and muscles are exposed to significant stress with repetitive tasks and prolonged positions at work and at home. Our Physical Therapists are great resources/problem solvers to change and improve habits and positions that cause stress and injury to your body with work and home tasks.

If you or someone you know has been dealing with these conditions talk to a doctor about how the Physical Therapy team at MMC can help. Or, call 715-685-5480.